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Need help on CICS? Want to talk to other peers about CICS?

Kristine Harper’s “Newbie” Blog mentions several Listserv groups that deal with the mainframe. If you look after CICS there is also a Listserv available which is actually a VERY active group of people – and a very knowledgeable community as well. It is hosted by the University of Georgia.

You can either subscribe to the CICS List or browse or search the archive. To have a look for details just visit the site.

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  1. Ernie Evans
    July 17, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Where I work, it is a small size shop with about 1.2 million transactions a day, with 9 MRO regions and no CICSPLEX. I am thinking about CICSPLEX because it is my understanding that you need CPSM, WUI for CICS EXPLORER and it seems like most of the CICS products are being hooked into the CICSPLEX or the managing region of the CICSPLEX. I know nothing about installing and/or customizing the product and I was going to dive into like alot of us and there is definitely no classes allowed now. And, they are going through the Client Server direction, which will take them years and years. Does anybody have tips on setting up the bare bones CPSM and WUI? Do you need separate regions for those two? Any help appreciated.

  2. Grant
    July 21, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Ernie,

    You don’t need to be a big shop to be running CICSPlex SM!

    For CICSPlex SM you do need a dedicated region for the CMAS and another for the WUI. These regions don’t run any of your own code, so just need to be setup as per the sample jobs. See here for setting up a CMAS and a WUI using sample jobs.

    I’d suggest you use these samples to get started – Don’t clone one of your standard CICS and try and make it a CMAS or WUI as it will probably be more work/hassle.

    With CICS TS 4.1, you can use the SMSS capabilities of this release – and this does not require a CMAS or WUI, but you do miss out on some of the CICSPlex SM benefits.

    Cheers… Grant

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