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Sharing CICSPlex SM WUI data repositories

The CICSPlex SM Web User Interface (WUI) requires a repository that is used to store CICSPlex SM view sets, menus, user group profiles, user favourites (I am in the UK so hopefully I can get away with the proper spelling) etc. As CICS is great at dealing with files, a KSDS called EYUWREP was chosen as this repository.

CICS has a number of different facilities that let you share files. For example function shipping, shared data tables and RLS. However a slight snag in the design of the WUI object service meant that it was not possible to use any of these facilities and maintain integrity of the EYUWREP file.

In a nutshell, the WUI object service may use multiple physical records in the EYUWREP file to represent one logical record, for example a view set may contain any number of views. It is the view set that is the ‘container’ for the views, so is saved and loaded as a single entity.

The WUI does have a locking service, but this were built on the assumption that each WUI server had its own unique EYUWREP file. So the locking service only provides for locks within a single WUI server. This is one of the reasons why it is documented that the EYUWREP file can NOT be shared between WUI servers.

Prior to CICSPlex SM V3R2M0, there were no checks on the EYUWREP file definition to ensure that it had not been changed to RLS or a remote file or a data table. We didn’t expect customers to change the IBM supplied definition, but some of them did anyway.

When these customers (with ‘modified’ EYUWREP file definitions) migrate to CICSPlex SM V3R2M0, then the WUI server will fail to initialise with message:

EYUVS0916E FILE EYUWREP has invalid value: YES for option: RLSACCESS

This message is issued in V3R2M0 because we made some changes to the way CICSPlex SM resource definitions are built. Bootstrap definitions are created during CICS startup, and then if the bootstraps are invoked, the remaining definitions are created on the fly. Because we acknowledged that some people change definitions, we allow user definitions, but we now check the definitions to make sure it is something vaguely close to the IBM supplied one. If not, the EYUVS0916E message is issued.

So even though you might have a ‘modified’ EYUWREP definition and the modification was for something that was documented as not being supported due to the risk of corrupting data, a change has recently been made to CICSPlex SM V3R2M0 by APAR PK61740.

The PTF for this APAR changes the WUI locking service so that it can provide protection for the logical EYUWREP records. This allows the EYUWREP to be shared within a sysplex between multiple WUI servers via RLS. Note that that we are only supporting RLS for the sharing, not function shipping, or shared data tables etc, just RLS.

So take a look at this APAR if you want to share WUI server data repositories. Please make sure you check out the hold info in the PTF cover letter for further details

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