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My CICSpex

Following a chat with a colleague about some of the heated discussions he gets into over CICS, I came up with the idea for some CICS knuckle dusters. Obviously I don’t condone violence to conclude any discussion, least of all one arising in the work place. Disclaimers out the way, I came over all Blue Peter and set to work with my stanley knife, some double sided sticky tape, cardboard and one of the large “I LOVE CICS” bumper stickers to craft two very nice knuckle dusters.

Here is a rather menacing photo of me sporting them:

CICS Knuckle Dusters

When I was making these I noticed that the gap between the Cs is exactly the right space for my eyes to look through. Next project then, to make a pair of CICS Elton John style glasses. These were a little trickier to make (my IBM Thanks Award stanley knife blade was getting a little blunt by now, and I’m too much of a weakling to break the blade- I work with computers don’t you know…) Below is a photo of the resulting glasses. I think they make me look quite smart, don’t you?


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