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EMEA CICS Level 2 Support team

Some of our EMEA based CICS Level 2 support colleagues were in Hursley last week. They managed to be caught on camera, so if you ever wanted to know what some of those people that you may deal with over the phone, or on the end of a ETR/PMR looked like …

From left to right we have, Thomas Braun, Bruno Simonet, Ulrich Seitz, Manuela Mandelli, Cees Den Odsten, Linda Pontermoli, Jim Harrison, Jutta Fels, Sandro Varges, Phil (‘Two-pots’) Lee, and Tony Fitzgerald.

Thanks to Tony for the photo.

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  1. Andy
    June 26, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    In the spirit of Grant’s offer of an “I LOVE CICS sticker” competition for identifying the birthplace of CPSM, I will also provide one of these much-valued objects to the first person (not Grant) who can correctly reveal just why Phil is known as Two Pots. Additional points (but no sticker) may be earned if someone can also correctly
    reveal why Tony is sometimes known as Jungle Boy.

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