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IBM 50 Years at Hursley

This Saturday, IBM Hursley is celebrating being at Hursley for 50 years.

Full CICS responsibility didn’t come to Hursley until 1st January 1975, when Hursley traded PL/I with the Palo Alto Lab for CICS, making CICS a significant part of IBM Hursley History.

Although I am a relative ‘new boy’, first visiting Hursley in 1989, I have had a dig through my cupboards for some nostalgia, I came across a couple of old CICS ‘cherry picker’ photos.

These photos were taken by the Hursley photographic department perched perilously (though I am sure in full compliance with health and safety standards of the time) on a cherry picker, while all the teams involved in producing the new release were invited out onto the lawn in the front of Hursley house.

First up is circa 1989, CICS 3.1.1 photo:

CICS Lawn Photo

Circa 1990, CICS 3.2.1:

CICS 3.2.1 Lawn photo

Circa 1991, CICS 3.3:

CICS 3.3 Lawn Photo

Just look how may ties were worn in these photos, it isn’t like that around Hursley today!

While the celebration on Saturday is for IBM employees and their families, if you are in the area you might catch the Spitfire fly-past and aerobatic display at 16:00.

Got any CICS nostalgia or IBM Hursley history? Add a comment with a link, or use the ‘Share with us’ link above.

Note: All photos copyright IBM Hursley.

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  1. Mark Yelavich
    January 12, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    I have many CICS related photos, inherited from my father Bob Yelavich. If interested, let me know.

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