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Day 2 at Share 2009, Denver

Day two starts on the CICS track with an Event Processing pitch by Scott Clee.

Scott Clee aka Mr January

Scott Clee aka Mr January

Who by slide 3 had already had about 12 questions. Mainly these centered around his pronunciation of the word processing (pro-cess-ing or proh-sess-in) – he was backed up by knowledgeable locals in the session – Steve Zemblowski and Ed Addison.

Steve Zemblowski

Steve Zemblowski

Ed Addison

Ed Addison

(I know these are old photos but they were used in the 40 year celebration deck in the guess the CICS Luminary quiz and I didn’t have them when I wrote yesterdays entry).

Meanwhile back in the Expo the CICS Explorer and event processing were the main topics of interests at the CICS booth

CICS Explorer

CICS Explorer

and recording video messages from some of our business partners and customers.

H&W1hbSiriusNew%20Imagegt-softwareTridentcompuware-logoThe more eagle eyed (or thirsty) would have seen a succession of Hursley personnel manning the smoothie stand including our very own Director, Dave Andrews.  I cannot be too nasty to him as he acquired a free massage for Scott Clee..

Dave A1….as indeed Kathy Tyrrell did for me but they were packed up!

Kathy Tyrrell

Kathy Tyrrell

Nick Garrod looky all moody and mysterious

Nick Garrod looking all moody and mysterious

CICS sessions continue to be well attended and traffic in the Expo centre was fairly strong, with several new customers signing up to be part of the next BETA program.

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