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CICS Explorer Security – Basic Authentication

If you are using a CICS Management Interface (CMCI) connection with CICS Explorer and are getting security problems due to the the wrong userid – typically the CICS default user – is getting used for the checks, the likely cause of the problem is that the TCPIPSERVICE you have set up is not defined appropriately.

CICSPlex SM Web User Interface users, should not have this problem as the TCPIPSERVICE used for CMCI users is automatically created with settings appropriate for the environment, but if you are an SMSS (‘single server’) user, and have configured your own TCPIPSERVICE, perhaps using the IBM supplied group (DFH£WU) as a model, then if the CICS is running with SEC=YES, then you need to update the TCPIPSERVICE used by the CMCI so that it specifies Authenticate(Basic):


If you do NOT run with Basic authentication on the TCPIPSERVICE used by the CMCI, your userid/password credentials will not be checked by CICS and the requests that are run in the CICS via the CMCI / CICS Explorer will be associated with the CICS default user.

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