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CICS TG plug-in for the CICS Explorer – V2.0 available

The latest release of the CICS TG plug-in for CICS Explorer is now GENERALLY AVAILABLE here:

Version 2.0 can be used to independently view status of multiple Gateway daemons (z/OS or Multiplatforms) and does not require a connection to a CICS TS 4.1 region, or CICSPlex SM, as was the case in version 1.0.

What’s new in version 2.0

  • This latest version of the SupportPac provides the following new or revised views:
    • CICS Transaction Gateway Explorer view
    • Gateway daemons view
    • CICS connections view
    • Console view
  • Other features are a customizable Resource column layout for Gateway daemons, CICS connections and Property views, and support for CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms.

Note: CS05 V2.0 requires CICS Explorer Version, which is available to all existing CICS TS V3 and CICS TS V4 license holders.

Please refer to the link above for further details.

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