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Impact socks on day 2

Posted on behalf of Nick.

So after the excitement of day one and the 200+ attendees to Dave Andrews opening, our intrepid CICS Explorers get down in to the more detailed technical sessions.  To back up the technical sessions, as well as the Ask z Expert sessions, there are demo’s being provided in the IBM System z Software Solutions Suite.

After a quick chat with the CICS Business Partner Supremo, Diane Johnson (@dianegjohnson), it was off to the solution center to see what freebies there were check out all the rich complementary products to the CICS family.

First stop was the Hostbridge stand (doing more with CICS) – nice comfy chair and check out that guitar behind us – looks like a ’57 Les Paul to me

Next we visited those fine people who used to be called Fair Isaac, now known as FICO.

Now with all the new stuff CICS keeps putting in to it’s products it gets increasingly hard to stay up to date with it all, so it’s important that we have companies offering education and instruction of how to take advantage.

So after a hard day around the event it was time for our Explorers to put their feet? up. The ideal solution to this was to relax in one of the bars.

We spent some time analysing what was on offer for Day 3 and saw Catherine Moxey was giving her CICS Events pitch, Fraser had a couple of sessions on CICS Web Services and Service Component Architecture as well as the exciting new announcement from CICS, a session on Dynamic Scripting, there’s an ILOG session from Matt Whitbourne (@mattwhitbourne) and Dan Donnelly as well as further education on CICS Events and implementation.However,  in addition to this there is the Tom Rosamilia session at 16:30 Creating an Agile, Dynamic and Cost-Effective Business With System z. and the ‘Ask z Experts 18:00 session with Tom and Phil Weintraub. Another full day ahead – in the words of that classic Greek philosopher, or was he Roman? Actually I think it the Magic Roundabout…. Zebedee “time for bed….”


Impact socks

I’ve been asked to publish this by Nick, who is just too nice to say no to. No socks were harmed (so far) during the creation of this content but I can assure you they will be given a good talking to when they return from their err.. adventures.

So having shamelessly plugged Impact 2010 on YouTube promo video here we are at Impact 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Venetian Hotel is the setting for most of the sessions and two stars of the Impact promotional videos have taken some time out to give a narrative of the first days proceedings. Sue and Tom have flown over from the Hursley Lab in the UK to be present at this years event along with several others speakers and attendees from the SW Lab in England. Dave Andrews, the CICS Development Director kicked off the CICS Track with a family update, featuring two key announcements made last week. The CICS Transaction Gateway V8 and CICS Dynamic Scripting no-charge feature pack.

Sue and Tom also heard about the exciting new Redbook that is available ‘Smarter Banking with CICS Transaction Server and were seen ‘mugging’ up on the book.

Next up it was time for food.

After lunch it was time to take the Solution tour.

Where upon we came across a nice bright shiny z10 – it’s big it’s black, the mainframes back!!

After that they decided to venture off and investigate the experts.

Here we found the resident CICS Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM), Catherine Moxey.

There’s plenty going on here and for Tuesday we have Joe Winchester talking about the CICS Explorer and how it can be extended using the software development kit, Steve Zemblowski talking about upgrading your CICS TS, Catherine (when she’s not in the experts zone) talking about CICS Events, Dan Donnelly talking about ILOG Business Rules solutions and a couple of CICS Tools sessions, one featuring Jim White from Southern California Edison. So before the jet lag kicks in any further it’s off for some rest. 

New Redbook on the uses of events and Web 2.0 technologies

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

If you’re interested in the new features of CICS TS V4.1, and are looking for examples of their use in real life scenarios, then you might be interested in a new Redbook we’re writing in sunny Montpellier. Its title is “Smarter Banking with CICS” (probably). While it is aimed primarily at the banking industry, it will include example uses of events and Web 2.0 technologies with CICS to show how these could be used within an existing CICS system. Watch this space for more information (or follow its progress on Twitter).

To whet your appetite, here’s what will probably be the preface:

It goes without saying that 2009 was a year of unprecedented change in global banking. The challenges that financial institutions are facing require them to cut costs, but also to regain trust and improve the service that they provide to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding set of customers.

In the past, siloed and rigid IT systems have often inhibited banks in their attempts to re-engineer their business processes. IBM’s Smarter Banking initiative highlights how more intelligent software can be used to significantly improve the end-to-end integration of banking processes.

This IBM Redbook aims to show how software technologies like SOA, Web 2.0 and event driven architectures, can be used to implement Smarter Banking solutions. Our focus is on CICS Transaction Server which is at the heart of most bank’s corebanking implementations.

The first part of the Redbook is aimed at business leaders, it introduces Smarter Banking, provides an overview the IBM Banking Industry Framework, and then illustrates the value proposition with a set of Smarter Banking business scenarios.

In the second part of the book we address the bank’s technical leaders by providing an overview of the key technologies and describing how CICS supports these technologies today.
IBM’s SmartBank showcase is used in the final part of the book to illustrate how we enabled business event processing and Web 2.0 technologies in the SmartBank environment, in a non-invasive way without changes to the applications.

  • We show how we enabled the CICS corebanking system to emit events for large transactions. We also show how these events are consumed by WebSphere Business Events which is configured to take a pre-defined action when a certain pattern of events occurs.
  • We also show how the CICS corebanking data, such as account transaction information, can be exposed as a mashable Web 2.0 feed so that the account holder has instant access to the recent transaction history.

It is hoped that this IBM Redbook will help you to take the first steps toward Smarter Banking with CICS.

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Updated: CICS Links

A new updated version of CICS Links is now available.  Inside you will find links to IBM redbooks, white papers, case studies, web casts and a whole lot more.

You can find the presentation in PDF format here:

Thanks to Andrew Bates for continuing to keep us all up to date with latest information!

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