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Royal Bank of Canada & CICS Transaction Gateway

Just a very short post here, to highlight a short new video with Roger Middlemiss from Royal Bank of Canada discussing his experience of using CICS Transaction Gateway and IBM’s Betaworks programme. In particular, interesting to hear how RBC are looking to move all CICS TG installations to z in the near future for high availability and consolidation reasons.

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CICS Events and WebSphere Business Events

February 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Want to know more about CICS Events and WebSphere Business Events (WBE), then try this short animation:

The clip is also available on YouTube and Facebook group I ♥ CICS

Impact 2008

WebSphere Impact 2008 is coming up in April this year and there are numerous CICS Technical Tracks available.

I’ll be presenting a couple of the tracks this year so if you are planning on attending the event please come over and have a chat if you spot me. I’ll be posting updates and photos throughout the conference and perhaps one or two meet-up times if you want to come chat to me and any other unsuspecting CICS developers I drag along.

Look forward to meeting up with you all and stay tuned for updates throughout the conference!

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