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Goodbye CICS TS 2.2

April 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Well today is the day. It is time to lay CICS Transaction Server for z/OS Version 2 Release 2 to rest. 😥

While our developer colleagues said goodbye to this release over six years ago, the IBM support and service teams have been providing support for CICS TS 2.2 (AKA CICS 620, CICSPlex SM 2.2, Pluto, 5697-E93 R200, HCI6200, HCP2200) since its GA date back on the 25th of January 2002.

Version 2 of CICS Transaction Server had a staged transition, with a short lived Version 2 Release 1, which was intended to introduce customers to the new Version. Release 1 was meant to get customers experienced/ready, before going into production with Release 2 and the exciting world of Java 2 V1.3.1, EJB 1.1, integrated translators, ECI over TCP/IP and lots more.

After today, a service extension will be required to get support on CICS Transaction Server Version 2 Release 2.

Just in case you are wondering, the date for end of service for CICS TS 2.3 is 30th September 2009, so you have less than 18 months to complete that migration to Version 3!

Leave a comment if there was something about 2.2 that you loved or hated…

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What would you change on the CICSPlex SM WUI Views?

April 28, 2008 12 comments

The IBM supplied ‘Starter Set’ CICSPlex SM Web User Interface (WUI) views were originally created based on the TSO EUI screens when the CICSPlex SM WUI was being developed for CICSPlex SM 1.4 (CICS TS 1.3).

The original intention was that these views were just an initial set (almost like samples), to get customers up and running with the WUI. We expected that users could then customise the views to get the data that was important to them. However things haven’t quite worked out that way. We quickly realised that most customers do not want to maintain their own views.

When the development team are working on a new release and adding support in the WUI for new resources, there is a lot of debate on where items should appear on views. It is not an easy question to answer, too much information can be daunting, listing things alphabetically can cause issues due to the national language support that the product must provide. On the flip side, it can sometimes be a pain to find an attribute that you know exists on an object… somewhere. Likewise, because it is very subjective, changing a view, because we don’t like it for some reason, or to make a change that someone in the team considers an improvement, may cause customers to be annoyed as the attribute may not be where it was in the last release

If you are a CICSPlex SM WUI user, what annoys you about the IBM supplied viewsets? Is there a change that you apply to the viewsets each release, if so what are they? Add a comment and let us know.

While we can’t promise to make any changes based upon your comments, we can make sure that the development team are aware of them, so that they can perhaps avoid things that cause you frustration in future objects. If you are really lucky (again no promises), and the development team are making changes to that view for additional support, then they might be able to take your comment into consideration.

To get things started, my pet hate, is that the TASK tabular view does not show the tasks SuspendType and SuspendValue. I want to be able to sort and summarise on these fields, so I can see all the tasks waiting on temp storage related reasons. I also want these fields to hyperlink to a sensible view, e.g. if SUSPENDTYPE is a file control related suspend, then this field should be a hyperlink to a file related view, with a filter set to the filename of Suspendvalue.

Update: Corrected some grammar

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What do you want to know about?

April 23, 2008 8 comments

When we started this blog it was in the hope that it would be a useful place for CICS users to interact a little more directly with the IBM CICS team.  So if you have any burning/intriguing questions you would like to know the answer to (no matter how bizarre) or any topic you would like us to talk more about then simply add it as comment to this post to let us know.  If you can truly stump us, I’ll personally send you one of the “I love CICS” stickers that are lying on my desk to make up for it. What a prize eh!  I only have a limited stash of them so get your questions in fast.

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CICS TG & CICS IA Upgraded

April 23, 2008 Leave a comment

In case you missed a couple of recent announcements, new versions of CICS Transaction Gateway (7.1) and CICS Interdependancy Analyser (2.2) have been announced.

In a nutshell, CICS TG gets support for Containers (Commareas > 32Kb), Statistics support (that can be reported on by CICS PA 2.1 with the PTFs for APAR PK53163), IP interconnectivity support with CICS TS 3.2 (no need to use EXCI) and also some SSL and two-phase commit enhancements.

CICS IA gets a new Eclipse based client (IA Explorer), support for CICS TS 3.2 and Threadsafe reporting.

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April 22, 2008 2 comments

WebSphere Technical Exchange (WSTE) webcasts are scheduled web based conferences, where an IBM technical expert will typically demonstrate a products features, explain a function, diagnose problems etc.

WSTEs are free, but you do have to have register for the live WSTEs

Once the webcast is complete, there is normally a live Q&A with the WSTE presenter.

The upcoming schedule of WSTEs can be found here.

Previous WSTEs which you can replay are available here. These come in a varietly of formats, some are PDFs of the slides used for the webcast and possibly an associated MP3 file for audio, or you may need to register and you will be sent a link for the replay.

To just see the previous CICS related WSTEs try here.

CICSPlex SM API Performance Improvement

April 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Towards the end of last year we did some work on making some performance improvements to the CICSPlex SM API.

Most CICSPlex SM API commands (EXEC CPSM) will schedule an XDNR task to run in the CMAS that the MAS, or the batch job/TSO user is connected to. A number of these requests are very quick, so the overhead of CICS attaching and detaching the task compared to the processing actually performed by XDNR can be quite large.

APARs PK44521(CICSPlex SM 3.1) and PK51200(CICSPlex 3.2) have changed the XDNR processing so that these tasks can hang around for a short period of time and wait for more work. (Similar to the way CICS long running mirrors used to work.) If no work is received, the XDNR task will end, otherwise if the XDNRs keep getting work, they will stay running.

For heavy EXEC CPSM users, these changes can make worthwhile reductions in CMAS CPU usage and may improve the elapsed time of CICSPlex SM API programs.

Though of course as with all things performance related “results may vary”…..


Some more Impact 2008 blogging from the front line

April 18, 2008 2 comments

Industry analyst James Governor, has been blogging about Impact 2008 and he gives this blog a mention, so I thought we should return the favour. Another CICS blogger to add to the list. Thanks James.


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