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GSE UK conference – let’s chat!

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment

This Wednesday, sees the start of the Guide Share Europe (GSE) UK conference and I’m going to be there along with quite a few other IBM Hursley employees from the CICS team. Assuming there is reasonable internet at the venue, I’m hoping to take some time to blog about the event while I’m there. I’m hoping to get chatting with a quite a few of you as well while I am there so if you want to meet-up for a chat, please get in touch via the blog or on twitter (@chrishodgins), I’ll try to check both as much as I can during the conference. Other than that I should be lurking around at most of the CICS presentations.

The conference has a nice varied agenda covering 9 different streams so there should be lots to take in! The streams are:

  1. CICS
  2. IMS
  3. DB2
  4. Enterprise Security
  5. MQ
  6. Large Systems Working Group
  7. Network Management Working Group
  8. Software Asset Management
  9. New Technologies

I only managed to convince one other sucker colleague from the CICS team to join me for a mugshot on the blog to make it easier to track us down. So without further ado, keep your eyes peeled for one lanky Scotsman (that’s me – left) and Kevin Bowkett (on the right).


Chris Hodgins


Kevin Bowkett

Kevin is a first line manager for CICS with responsibility for Web Services, SCA, Web 2.0 and Java. He has the pleasure of taking the first CICS presentation on Wednesday morning, which is the CICS TS 4.1 overview. This is definitely one to catch so you have a nice grounding for the rest of the CICS presentations over the 2 days.

On the Thursday afternoon, I’ll be presenting on CICS Explorer aka “The new face of CICS”. So please feel free to grab me at any time or after the presentation to have a chat about it.  I’m primarily a CICSPlex SM developer and lately one of the main developers on the CICS Management Client Interface. So if you need to get your head around any of that lot you know where I am. I’m happy to talk about anything else CICS related as well.

Both Kevin and myself will be about on Wednesday and Thursday. So see you there!

CICS IMS DB2 Enterprise Security MQ Large Systems Working Group Network Management Working Group Software Asset Management New
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